Director | Garrett Zevgetis  
Executive Producer | Kevin Bright

Documentary | 95 MIN. USA
*World Premiere SXSW 2016 *

Growing up blind and autistic, Michelle Smith refused to conform to labels or limits, but her greatest challenge may be her own fear of failure. After an extraordinary education at Perkins School for the Blind, she falls off a professional cliff with scarce opportunities and failing confidence. Navigating family tensions and seeking community in surprising places, Michelle must discover her own independent life.  Along her journey, Michelle traverses the murky waters between darkness and light, fear and hope, discovering the beauties of the wider world and learning what it truly means to “see.”

The best film about being blind this critic has ever seen, particularly fortuitous in its ‘star,’ a quirky, heart-melting gamine you will never forget
— Film Journal International
Ms. Smith does not fit easily into any box, and neither does this thought-provoking film.
— New York Times - *Critics' Pick*