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Music For Diana

by Tyler Strickland

A selection of ambient music from composer, and award-winning music producer, Tyler Strickland. Tyler is based in Los Angeles, and known for his use of electronic music and unique textures in his scores. He has scored critically-acclaimed films such as Primetime Emmy-Nominated "Hot Girls Wanted" (Netflix), Peabody-winner, "Audrie & Daisy" (Netflix), "The Mars Generation" (Netflix), and many more. Tyler just completed the score for AMC's upcoming series "Heroes & Villains" from The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, as well as the documentary, "Mankiller", which was produced by Valhalla Entertainment (The Walking Dead, Falling Water).

"Hot Girls Wanted" (Netflix/Sundance 2015)
"A River Below" (Tribeca 2017)
"Audrie & Daisy" (Netflix/Sundance 2016)
"The Mars Generation" (Netflix/Sundance 2017)
"Fresh Dressed" (CNN Films / Sundance 2015)
"Jackson" (Showtime 2016)
"The Return" (POV / Tribeca 2016)
"Plastic China" (Sundance 2017)
"The Genius of Marian" (POV / Tribeca 2014)
and many more.