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Music For Cambridge Analytica Doc

by Tyler Strickland

A refined selection of electronic and ambient film music from composer, and award-winning music producer, Tyler Strickland. Tyler is based in Los Angeles, and known for his use of unique, organic textures in his scores. He has scored critically-acclaimed films such as Primetime Emmy-Nominated "Hot Girls Wanted" (Netflix), Peabody-winner, "Audrie & Daisy" (Netflix), "The Mars Generation" (Netflix),and many more. Tyler just completed the score for AMC's upcoming series "Heroes & Villains"from The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, as well as the documentary, "Mankiller", which was produced by Valhalla Entertainment (The Walking Dead, Falling Water).

Recent credits:
"Hot Girls Wanted" (Sundance 2015)
"A River Below" (Tribeca 2017)
"Audrie & Daisy" (Sundance 2016)
"The Mars Generation" (Sundance 2017)
"Fresh Dressed" (Sundance 2015)
"Jackson" (Showtime 2016)
"The Return" (Tribeca 2016)
"Plastic China" (Sundance 2017)
"The Genius of Marian" (Tribeca 2014)
and many more.

Jonathan Clark @ Kraft Engel Management